What is Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations?

What is Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations?

Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations improve Literacy at every level. When Dyslexia occurs it rotates the Letters in every direction. Some Letters are Dyslexic and rotate to become other letters. The b rotates into a d , p & q.

Knowing what is Exact Dyslexia is important for Teachers, Parents and Readers will increase literacy levels in readers. This is why sharing the concept of Exact Dyslexia will help impact the world in positive ways.

Not Every Language is ‘ Dyslexic ‘

Greek is a Dyslexia Friendly Language and is Non Dyslexic.

There are no letters when rotated or turned upside down turn into other letters. This is a paradymn shift to realize the significance of. There could be Dyslexic people in Greek but their comprehension would not be affected their literacy or reading.

English, Spanish, Italian, and most other languages are Dyslexic.

In language histories the mere fact of circle vs square (Greeka vs Roman) literature actually involves Dyslexia. When you operate reading from a Dyslexia Friendly language you are able to concentrate on the meanings of words at a deeper level.

Dyslexia Friendly Letters vs. Dyslexic Letters

Dyslexia friendly Letters can rotate in every direction and remain unique within the english alphabet.

Knowing that an s can rotate and remain an s will help educators to know the difference between Dyslexia vs. Spelling Errors.

Learning to read with Dyslexia is learning to read with rotating letters. The more a Reader, at any age, learns the Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations the more they empower their own literacy and reading.

Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations Examples

Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations Examples show the only Dyslexia Letter Rotations that are ‘focused Dyslexia Reading’ . In ESL (English as a Second Language) or just learning English learning Dyslexia Variations will lesson the surprise to readers who see Dyslexia Letter Rotations.

poor = door , boor, & qoor

In this example of the word poor there are 3 Exact Dyslexia Variations + one exact identical word !
This means that the reader can memorize that boor and qoor are either the word poor or the word door.

The shock of Dyslexia Reading, especially for adults when learning English as an additional language is shocking. When a Reader sees the word door and instead of poor and continues reading the sentence , this is where difficulty occurs.

word: front
front = frout

In this example the word front has one Dyslexia Variable of n.
n rotates to become u in Exact Dyslexia.

So the word front becomes the word frout. In this Dyslexia Spelling Example it is easy to learn the word frout as being and meaning the word front. There is only one Dyslexia Variation for the word front.

Every other letter other than n can rotate but not become another letter.
The Dyslexia Letter ‘ n ‘ I call the ” Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor ”

n is one of the hardest letters in Dyslexia Reading.

This article clearly describes What is Dyslexia Spelling Variations and what they are used for. Stay tuned for more examples of Dyslexia.

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