Examples of Dyslexia Writing

Examples of Dyslexia Writing There are copious reading and writing samples of Dyslexia on this website. The handwriting of a Dyslexic Reader needs to be encouraged, not corrected. Learning how to Rhyme with Dyslexia Spelling Variations are a fun way to work with Dyslexic conditions. Dyslexia may be a reading detour but it does not … Read more

What is Exact Dyslexia?

What is Exact Dyslexia? What is Exact Dyslexia matters to readers Internationally. Exact Dyslexia letter rotations best explains what Dyslexia is and how it functions in reading. Dyslexia Readers will see Dyslexia letters rotate into other letters while reading. The b will rotate into a d, p or q while reading. The n rotates with … Read more

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