Dyslexia Friendly Font


Dyslexia Friendly Font

Take out the Dyslexia Variables while reading.
No Letters in this font rotate to become other letters!


Dyslexia Friendly Font

This is an ALL Capital  – Lower Case and Upper Case Capitals
The Upper Case Capitals are taller than the Lower case Capitals

Reason to use:
Capital Letters do not rotate to become other letters!

Dyslexia is when the Letters rotate to become other Letters.
Non Dyslexic Letters are Letters that can rotate but do not rotate to turn into other letters within their own Alphabets!  This is the key to Dyslexia.

Train reading using 3 things:
– Dyslexia Friendly Fonts
– Use Reading Tints! (Colors give contrast during reading)
– Study Dyslexia Variations.
(original word:  load  | Exact Dyslexia Variations are: loab, loap, and loaq)

Dyslexia Reading will appreciate using this Free Dyslexia Friendly Font as it will reduce the amount of rotations that occur in reading.   An upside down or rotated ‘k’ or ‘K’ still remains a k or K.

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