Book “Exact Dyslexia” Reading Levels 1-6


Book “Exact Dyslexia” Reading Levels 1-6

Exact Dyslexia Variations and Rotations of Each Linear Word


Exact Dyslexia Book
Reading Levels 1 -6

Dyslexia Letter Rotate to Become Other Letters.
Learn Dyslexia Variations of Linear Words
Improve your Reading at Any Age.

When a Dyslexic Letter rotates during reading it creates alternative “Dyslexia Words” of the Linear original.
This is the Key in improving reading with Dyslexia.

There are 2800 words reading levels 1-6
There are nearly 30 000 Dyslexia Variations (‘Dyslexia Words’)

IF you are Dyslexic, you will read the alternative Dyslexia Variations in your reading.  The word ‘people’ has 15 Dyslexia Variations.  You may read the word ‘people’ as ‘qeople’ or ‘beoble’

When you study to learn Dyslexia Variations (‘Dyslexia Words’) you will not be surprised when you see then in everyday reading.  Studying Dyslexia Variations of Exact Dyslexia Rotations will increase your reading speed and take away the shock of reading with Dyslexia.

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