Blake Dyslexia Variations Course


Blake Dyslexia Variations Course

Learn to Identify which words are Dyslexic and which are Non-Dyslexic!

This is a Worksheet Course to help all ages at reading WITH Dyslexia


Blake Dyslexia Variations Course!

This is the Exact Dyslexia with ‘Dyslexia Words’!
‘Dyslexia Words’ are Dyslexia Variations of Linear words.

The word ‘best’ is Dyslexic.

The ‘Dyslexia Words’ / Dyslexia Variations of the Dyslexic word ‘best’ are:
‘dest’, ‘pest’, and ‘qest’
There are 3 Dyslexia Variations of the word ‘best’.  + original
(There are four total words that a Dyslexic Reader will have to learn in order to be able to read with Dyslexia)

Blake Dyslexia Variations Course = Exact Dyslexia!

Learn Reading Levels 1 – 6
See All the Exact Dyslexia Variations for Linear words.
Learn HOW to read WITH Dyslexia! (For ALL Ages!)

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