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Backlit Artist Board

Backlit Artist Board = Literacy + Reading Contrast!  Increase your reading experience by using Writing Board during reading.  Backlight your reading experiences.  Fantastic for Artists of all Ages.

Even use different overlay colors for different study materials.
Added Overlays can be found in this store.
Colors awaken the Brain and increase reading retention.

Increase your contrast while reading Backlit Artist Board.   Switch colors to extend reading sessions or find that special color that extends reading sessions.

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Learn to add contrast using Backlit Board.  Backlighting is key when learning how to draw and write.

Color Overlays come in both strips and entire sheets.  Color is an old trick by Old Hollywood Directors & Editors.  Actors use Colored Reading Tints to research longer + with acting scripts.

Backlit Artist Board KEYS:

  • Multiple Light Functions  – Set different Brightness
  • Overlay Sheets for easy Tracing of Diagrams and Pictures
  • Learn how to Draw or Write

Backlit Artist Board empowers your creativity and helps you to see with exact Clarity.


  • All Readers who want an edge to reading
  • Dyslexia Readers – Dyslexia Glasses
  • ADHD Reading – ADHD Glasses
  • Autism Reading – Autism Glasses
  • Large Print Readers – Reading Impaired Glasses

ADDITIONAL OPTION:  Use Colored Reading Tinted Lenses with the Board to add color.  It is true that color can improve site of Letters and words on pages.  Find and work with colors that improve your reading experience and you will read longer.  Find reading enjoyment with Colored Reading Glasses.

NOTICE: Dark Shades that are offered are simply cool Sunglasses for fashion and regular wear.   Bright Lenses in Glasses are the key to extending reading sessions using Color Therapy Techniques.

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This is a Fantastic Product  –  Backlit Board!


Art Board Sizes:
A2 – is the largest size,


Product information:

Material: plastic
Specifications: A4 magnetic copy station / three-speed dimming + data cable + four gift packages, A3 magnetic copy station / three-speed dimming + data cable + four gift packages, A2 magnetic copy station / three-speed dimming + data cable + four Spree

Packing list:

Copy table*1
Data line*1
Copy paper*5
Anime line draft*5
Fixed magnet *4

Additional information

Weight 0.81 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 40 cm

A4 plus data cable, A3 plus data cable


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