Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses


Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses

Very nice pink and yellow hue glasses that are good quality and great for reading.

Order 2 pairs and Simon will send you a 3rd pair of his choice with your order.


Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses

Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses = Fashion + Reading Contrast!  Increase your reading experience by using Color during reading.  Even use different colors for different study materials.  Colors awaken the Brain and increase reading retention.

Increase your contrast while reading with Tinted Colored Lenses.   Switch colors to extend reading sessions or find that special pair that extends reading sessions.

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Learn to add contrast while you read by adding color to the way that you work.  Color is an old trick by Old Hollywood Directors & Editors.  Actors use Colored Reading Tints to research longer + with acting scripts.

Increase your awareness and even affect your mood using color.  Bright Colors have an affect on most people that alerts the brain into reading retention.   Although there are no guarantees offered on the products, the research is out there stating the benefits of Color Therapy and Reading.

Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses KEYS:

  • Pick Brighter Colored Lenses
  • Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Purple, Light Peach
  • Notice how the glasses affect you while reading

Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses are beneficial for both style and function.
Take the leap and start using Colored Reading Glasses!


  • All Readers who want an edge to reading
  • Dyslexia Readers – Dyslexia Glasses
  • ADHD Reading – ADHD Glasses
  • Autism Reading – Autism Glasses
  • Large Print Readers – Reading Impaired Glasses

It is true that color can improve site of Letters and words on pages.  Find and work with colors that improve your reading experience and you will read longer.  Find reading enjoyment with Colored Reading Glasses.

NOTICE: Dark Shades that are offered are simply cool Sunglasses for fashion and regular wear.   Bright Lenses in Glasses are the key to extending reading sessions using Color Therapy Techniques.

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Product information:

Frame material: titanium alloy
Style: full frame
Frame color: gold frame/black sheet, silver frame/black sheet, silver frame/pink sheet, black+silver/light yellow sheet
Applicable people: general
Lens function: anti-ultraviolet, far and near dual use

Aviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses

Packing list:



Aviator Dyslexia Reading GlassesAviator Dyslexia Reading Glasses

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 40 cm

Gold black, Silver black, Silver pink, Black silver yellow


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