Refunds and Returns Policy

We are proud to offer Exact Dyslexia Support Tools!

If you receive an item that is broken, please email me at Returns@ExactDyslexia.com and orders@ExactDyslexia.com with a few pictures within 14 days.

If item is broken another will be shipped or return your money (less any shipping). You may reach Exact Dyslexia, at 917-961-6111, but please text first (Richmond, East Coast time zone).

We will refund your money on the fonts with 40 days of purchase, if you find them completely not useful.

I have spent many hours on creating the Dyslexia Fonts and learning systems. There are no refunds for free fonts that are given if as gifts for purchasing other Dyslexia Support Tools.

If there is a specific problem with a letter/ spacing in the fonts, please let me know.
The goal is to increase literacy of ALL Readers by lessening the Dyslexia Letter Rotations and creating unique Letters. Letters that even when rotated are unique, and , do not become one another is the key to reading accurately. All suggested font improvements are invited with the caveat that I reserve the right to sell it and utilize the new version of the font. This way others can benefit from this as well.

There are several font ideas that we are working to achieve still actively and is just a matter of time before being released. The square b and triangle d are groundbreaking literary reading tools.

Exact Dyslexia will not offer refunds until after 30 days after purchase in United States.
There is no refunds until 60 days after purchase Internationally.

Please be patient with me and I will also extend patience to you.

Email: Returns@ExactDyslexia.com
and Orders@ExactDyslexia.com

Phone: 917.961.6111

Thank You! Enjoy Love Dyslexia Products!

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