Grade 2 Dyslexia Spelling Examples – Part 8

Grade 2 Dyslexia Spelling Examples – Part 8

The Second Grade is when most children find out they have Dyslexia. This is because the reading level in Grade Two is when most children are first expected to read independently. However, for children with Dyslexia, this can be a very difficult task. Many Adult Dyslexia Readers struggle with Grade Two spelling well into their adult lives. This is why it is so important for children with Dyslexia to learn the Dyslexia Spellings.

These spellings are specifically designed to help improve reading comprehension. Grade 2 reading is important to Literacy. Dyslexia Awareness is critical to Education. Literacy Awareness is an important thing in society. The more people are aware of Dyslexia, the more likely it is that children with Dyslexia will get the help and support they need.

Grade 2 Dyslexia Spelling Examples – Part 8 show Exact Dyslexia Variations. Study the Dyslexia Variations of the first grade to improve and quicken reading. Learn to recognize the Variations of Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

Dyslexia Variations are able to be learned and memorized by Dyslexia Readers. When the reader reads the alternative Dyslexia word versions they will readily recognize the word as being the correct intended word.

Grade 2 Spelling Dyslexia Variations are key to reading!

Some Main Quote from this Dyslexia Article and Dyslexia Lesson!
“bell = dell, pell, qell” – 3 Dyslexia Variations
“bull = dull, pull, qull, bnll, dnll, pnll, qnll” –
7 Dyslexia Variations!
“Know Exactly what is Dyslexia and what is a spelling error by studying my educational materials.”

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Dyslexia Spelling Words Grade Two:

ring, bow, cow, how, low, sing, wing, tow, now, good, wow, flow, sting, swing, know, down, wood, made, been, any, from, said, string, time, maybe, clown, box, spring, thing, snow, town, stood

Non-Dyslexic Grade One words (Dyslexia Friendly Words):

make, hook, there, their, toy, took, they’re, look

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**


The w/m Dyslexia Factor

two =tmo
cow = com
how = hom
low = lom
tow = tom
with =mith
more = wore
wow = mom, wom, mow
flow = flom
was = mas
some = sowe
write = mrite
come = cowe
from = frow
time = tiwe

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

NOTE: BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

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Grade Two Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part #8

bow = pow, dow, qow, (bom, pom, dom, qom)
now = uow, (nom, uom)
know = kuow, (knom, kuom)
wood = woop, woob, wooq, (mood, moop, moob, mooq)
made = mabe, mape, maqe, (wade, wabe, wape, waqe)
been = deen, peen qeen, beeu, deeu, peeu, qeeu
said = saib, saip, saiq
maybe = mayde, maype, mayqe, (waybe, wayde, waype, wayqe)
clown = clowu, (clomn, clomu)
box = dox, pox, qox
snow = snow, (snom, suom)
town = towu, (tomn, tomu)
stood = stoop, stoob, stooq
down = bown, pown, qown, dowu, bowu, powu, qowu, (domn, bomn, pomn, qomn, domu, bomu, pomu, qomu)

Dyslexia is a spelling disorder that affects reading, spelling, and writing skills. It is the most common learning disability, affecting approximately 1 in 5 people in the United States. Dyslexia occurs in individuals who have normal intelligence and normal vision. It is not a result of laziness or lack of motivation. Dyslexia occurs in people of all economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds.

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that can impact reading, spelling, and writing skills. While there is no cure for dyslexia, with proper diagnosis and intervention, most individuals with dyslexia can learn to read, write, and spell at a level that allows them to succeed in school and in their everyday lives. The most important thing you can do if you think your child may have dyslexia is to seek out a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified professional, such as a licensed psychologist, educational diagnostician, or dyslexia therapist.

A comprehensive evaluation will include a review of your child’s academic history, a cognitive assessment, and a review of his or her reading, spelling, and writing skills. If your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, there are a number of different treatment options available.

The most important thing is to find a program that is tailored to your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating dyslexia. The most important thing you can do to help your child is to be supportive and understanding. Dyslexia can be a frustrating condition, but with the right support, your child can succeed.

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

ring = riug, rin6, riu6, rin9, riu9
sing = siug, sin6, siu6, sin9, siu9
wing = wiug, win6, wiu6, win9, wiu9 (ming, miug, min6, miu6, win9, wiu9)

good = goob, goop, gooq, 6ood, 6oob, 6oop, 6ooq, 9ood, 9oob, 9oop, 9ooq
sting = stiug, stin6, stiu6, stin9, stiu9
swing = swiug, swin6, swiu6, swin9, swiu9, (sming, smiug, smin6, smiu6, smin9, smiu9)
string = striug, stin6, stiu6, strin9, striu9

thing = thiug, thin6, thiu6, thin9, thiu9
spring = sbring, sdring, sqring, spriug, sbriug, sdqiug, sqriug, sprin6, sbrin6, sdrin6, sqrin6, spriu6, sbriu6, sdqiu6, sqriu6, sprin9, sbrin9, sdrin9, sqrin9, spriu9, sbriu9, sdqiu9, sqriu9

The Exact Dyslexia Variations are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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