Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors

Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors

Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors is very important. You can learn to know the difference when reading spelling mistakes versus Exact Dyslexia Variations. A spelling error is caused by not concentrating. A Dyslexia Variation is Dyslexia Letter Rotation.

Let’s Learn the Basics

Basic Dyslexia is when Dyslexic Letters rotate to become other letters. A Dyslexia Friendly letter can rotate or even be upside down a remain a unique value in the alphabet. A Dyslexic Letter rotates or turns upside down and becomes an Exact other Letter.

Dyslexia MAP
b, d, p, and q all Rotate into one another often at Random Sequence during reading.
n rotates to u, u rotates to n

The Basic Letter rotations create unique Dyslexia Variations of the original linear words.

NOTE: It is very true that many associations consider Dyslexia to be the movement of letters during reading. However, you can not , not ever train to read WITH the movement of letters. BUT , anyone can improve reading by learning the Dyslexia Letter Rotations and Dyslexia Variations!

Basic Spelling Errors

Knowing Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors is critical in literacy.

A spelling error will occur from lack of concentration during reading. A spelling error will move letters across the word. A word will become from “people to eopple . vs. Dyslexia Variations of Exact Dyslexia are 15 Exact Dyslexia Variations. people = beoble, deoble, deople, peodle + 11 other Variations.

The Basic Speling Errors are often said to be Dyslexia , when in fact they are not Dyslexia Letter Rotations.

You have a choice to make with literacy. Are you going to wash away every reading and writing mistake and label it Dyslexia. Or are you going to adopt the concept of Dyslexia Variations.

Let’s look at some Exact Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors

person = persou, bersou, berson, dersou, derson, qersou, qerson
paper = baper, daper, qaper, paber, pader, paqer, baber, dader, qaqer

Both of these two words are Dyslexia Words because they have Dyslexia Variables. A Dyslexia Variable is a Dyslexia Letter.

The word person has two Dyslexia Letters. A p + an n
The word paper has two Dyslexia Letters. Two Dyslexia Letter p’s

The word person has 7 Exact Dyslexia Variations
The word paper has 9 Exact Dyslexia Variations

Dyslexia vs Spelling Errors:
person – erpson, pernos, erspon, nperos,
paper – ppaer, apper, epapr, rppea

So, we can clearly see here the logic sequence of Dyslexia is very different than the logic sequence of a Spelling Mistake.

If you choose to adopt the reality of Dyslexia Variations of Exact Dyslexia there are plenty of resources on this website. Do share the information with others to increase Literacy.

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