Do Dyslexia ADHD Glasses Work?

Do Dyslexia ADHD Glasses Work?

Do Dyslexia ADHD Glasses Work? Yes, + No, + Most Likely. And You’re Choice

If you are in a University or Educational Environment and insist on no glass wear being warn indoors you may be cheating someone out of the literacy they do find using Tinted Reading Glasses! Sober, but truthful thought.

The ability and incredible examples of how people use Color Reading Tints to add contrast to their reading is incredible. Directors will use Contrast Lenses , Colored to see and edit film productions.

Some Readers benefit even from switching colors of lenses throughout the day. Other readers will use certain Reading Tints (ReadingTints.com) for different topics, different studies and different activities.

Tinted Lenses are a Personal Choice!

The more freedom that the Reader has with selections and options the more they can discover how they can read ‘optimally’. You want to find for yourself your own Optimal reading abilities.

This might mean that bright pink lenses are really great when working on the subject of Math while tinted green lenses are best for that specific individual for novels and reading research.

The more options that are explored the more one can incorporate solutions of “Using Color!” in order to achieve reading and learning goals.

What are the Choices?

Do Dyslexia ADHD Glasses Work? Well , these are the choices.

Bright Tints
Blue Cancelling Lenses
Reading Overlays

  • All of these Dyslexia glasses options are great choices.
  • Tinted Reading Glasses are easier to use then Sheeted Overlays

What are the Choices in Colors?

Typical Dyslexia ADHD Glasses are Yellow, Green, Blue, and Orange.

NOTE: There are incredible expanded colors for reading lenses. Purple is a Fantastic Color and so is a very overlooked Pink Tinted Lenses. Pink Lenses are not gender related but spectra related. The point in a man wearing pink tinted lenses is the effect on the eyes while reading. This will gain public acceptance as Dyslexia Awareness and ADHD Awareness continues to expand.

BEST OPTIONS: Try them out.

Often the color is more powerful than just going with a polarized lenses.

Are Tinted Lenses Too Cool?

Reading Tints and tinted lenses are cool, but so are people in general. People who want to learn and assist themselves in reading with the ability of quicker comprehension should be given public acceptance.

Reading with Reading Tints will help not only your ability to concentrate but your ability to extend the time that you concentrate. ANY Learning instrument that can assist your ability to absorb and study more information quicker should be accepted and utilized.

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