25+ Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Errors + Variations – Part 8

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Errors + Variations – Part 8

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Mistakes + Spelling Errors – Part 8 show Exact Dyslexia Variations. Study the Dyslexia Variations of the fifth grade to improve and quicken reading. Learn to recognize the Variations of Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

Dyslexia Variations are able to be learned and memorized by Dyslexia Readers. When the reader reads the alternative Dyslexia word versions they will readily recognize the word as being the correct intended word.

Grade 5 Spelling Dyslexia Variations are key to reading!
Learn Dyslexia Variations is HOW to tell and see Spelling Mistakes.

Some Main Quote from this Dyslexia Article and Dyslexia Lesson!
“revolution = revolutiou, revolntion, revolntiou” – 3 Dyslexia Variations
“couple = couble, coudle, couqle, conple, conble, condle, conqle” –
7 Dyslexia Variations!
“Know Exactly what is Dyslexia and what is a spelling error by studying my educational materials.”

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Dyslexia Spelling Words Grade 5:

wedding, proposal, marriage, guest, groom, engaged, diamond, couple, ceremony, bride, attend, transportation, runoff, precipitation, moisture, irrigation, evaporation, evaporate, dissolve, desalination, condensation, triangular, trapezoid, scalene, rhombus, rectangular, quadrilateral, prism, polygon, pentagon, parallelogram, octagon, hexagon, geometry, equilateral, Uranus, stratosphere, Saturn, planets, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, gravity, galaxy

Non-Dyslexic Grade 5 words (Dyslexia Friendly Words):

river, cycle, isosceles, force, Earth

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**

honor = houor
invitation = invitatiou, iuvitatiou, iuvitation
anniversary = auuiversary, anuiversary, auniversary
collection = collectiou
Venus = Veuns, Veuus, Venns
rotation = rotatiou
revolution = revolutiou, revolntion, revolntiou

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

stream = streaw
osmosis = oswosis
Mars = Wars


Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

NOTE: BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

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Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Mistakes Variations – Part #8

proposal =probosal, prodosal, proqosal, broposal, brobosal, brodosal, broqosal, droposal, drobosal, drodosal, droqosal, qroposal, qrobosal, qrodosal, qroqosal

couple = couble, coudle, couqle, conple, conble, condle, conqle
ceremony = ceremouy, (cerewony, cerewouy)
bride = pride, bribe, bripe, briqe, dride, dribe, dripe, driqe, pribe, pripe, priqe, qride, qribe, qripe, qriqe
attend = attenb, attenp, attenq, atteud, atteub, atteup, atteup

transportation = transbortation, transdortation, transqortation, transportatiou, transbortatiou, transdortatiou, transqortatiou, trausportation, trausbortation, trausdortation, trauqortation, trausportatiou, trausbortatiou, trausdortatiou, transqortatiou
runoff = ruuoff, rnnoff, rnuoff
moisture = moistnre, (woisture, woistnre)

evaporation = evaboration, evadoration, evaqoration, evaporatiou, evaboratiou, evadoratiou, evaqoratiou
evaporate = evaborate, evadorate, evaqorate
dissolve = bissolve, pissolve, qissolve
desalination = besalination, pesalination, qesalination, desalinatiou, besalinatiou, pesalinatiou, qesalinatiou, desaliuation, besaliuation, pesaliuation, qesaliuation, desaliuatiou, besaliuatiou, pesalinatiou, qesaliuatiou

trapezoid = trabezoid, tradezoid, traqezoid, trapezoib, trabezoib, tradezoib, traqezoib, trapezoip, trabezoip, tradezoip, traqezoip, trapezoiq, trabezoiq, tradezoiq, traqezoiq
scalene = scaleue
rhombus =rhomdus, rhompus, rhomqus, rhombns, rhomdns, rhompns, rhomqns, (rhowbus, rhowdus, rhowpus, rhowqus, rhowbns, rhowdns, rhowpns, rhowqns)

prism = brism, drism, qrism, (prisw, brisw, drisw, qrisw)
equilateral = ebuilateral, eduilateral, epuilateral, eqnilateral, ebnilateral, ednilateral, epnilateral
Uranus =Urauns, Urauus, Uranns (Capital U is Upside-down N)
stratosphere = stratosbhere, stratosdhere, stratosqhere
Saturn = Saturu, Satnru, Satnrn
planets = blanets, dlanets, qlanets, plauets, blauets, dlauets, qlauets
Neptune = Nebtune, Nedtune, Neqtune, Neptuue, Nebtuue, Nedtuue, Neqtuue, Neptnue, Nebtnue, Nedtnue, Neqtnue, Neptnne, Nebtnne, Nedtnne, Neqtnne
Mercury = Mercnry
Jupiter = Jubiter, Juditer, Juqiter, Jnpiter, Jnbiter, Jnditer, Jnqiter

parallelogram = barallelogram, darallelogram, qarallelogram, paralello6ram, barallelo6ram, darallelo6ram, qarallelo6ram, parallelo9ram, barallelo9ram, darallelo9ram, qarallelo9ram, (parallelograw, barallelograw, darallelograw, qarallelograw, paralello6raw, barallelo6raw, darallelo6raw, qarallelo6raw, parallelo9raw, barallelo9raw, daralello9raw, qarallelo9raw)

quadrilateral = quabrilateral, quaprilateral, quaqrilateral, qnadrilateral, qnabrilateral, qnaprilateral, qnaqrilateral, buadrilateral, buabrilateral, buaprilateral, buaqrilateral, bnadrilateral, bnabrilateral, bnaprilateral, bnaqrilateral, duadrilateral, duabrilateral, duaprilateral, duaqrilateral, dnadrilateral, dnabrilateral, dnaprilateral, dnaqrilateral, puadrilateral, puabrilateral, puaprilateral, puaqrilateral, pnadrilateral, pnabrilateral, pnaprilateral, pnaqrilateral

condensation = conbensation, conpensation, conqensation, condensatiou, conbensatiou, conpensatiou, conqensatiou, coudensation, coubensation, coupensation, couqensation, coudensatiou, coubensatiou, coupensatiou, couqensatiou, condeusation, conbeusation, conpeusation, conqeusation, condeusatiou, conbeusatiou, conpeusatiou, conqeusatiou, coudeusation, coubeusation, coupeusation, couqeusation, coudeusatiou, coubeusatiou, coupeusatiou, couqeusatiou

precipitation =precibitation, preciditation, preciqitation, precipitatiou, precibitatiou, preciditatiou, preciqitatiou, brecipitation, brecibitation, breciditation, breciqitation, brecipitatiou, brecibitatiou, breciditatiou, breciqitatiou, drecipitation, drecibitation, dreciditation, dreciqitation, drecitatiou, drecibitatiou, dreciditatiou, dreciqitatiou, qrecipitation, qrecibitation, qreciditation, qreciqitation, qrecitatiou, qrecibitatiou, qrecidiattiou, qreciqitatiou

diamond = diamonb, diamonp, diamonq, diamoud, diamoub, diamoup, diamouq, biamond, biamonb, biamonp, biamonq, biamoud, biamoub, biamoup, biamouq, piamond, piamonb, piamonp, piamonq, piamoud, piamoub, piamoup, piamouq, qiamond, qiamonb, qiamonp, qiamonq, qiamoud, qiamoub, qiamoup, qiamouq, (diawond, diawonb, diawonp, diawonq, diawoud, diawoub, diawoup, diawouq, biawond, biawonb, biawonp, biawonq, biawoud, biawoub, biawoup, biawouq, piawond, piawonb, piawonp, piawonq, piawoud, piawoub, piawoup, piawouq, qiawond, qiawonb, qiawonp, qiawonq, qiawoud, qiawoub, qiawoup, qiawouq)

Grade 5 Spelling can be a tough journey for some readers. Learning how to spell in grade one with Dyslexia is even harder. Grade 5 reading is important to Literacy.

Dyslexia Awareness is critical to Education. Literacy Awareness is an important thing in society. The Fifth Grade is an important Reading level. Learn to read faster by learning Dyslexia Spelling.

Dyslexia is a spelling disorder that affects reading skills. It is characterized by difficulty with phonemic awareness, phonology, and word decoding skills. Dyslexia can impact any area of reading, including the ability to read accurately, fluently, and with comprehension.

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia Mistakes (Numbers Dyslexia)

marriage = marria6e, marria9e, (warriage, warria6e, warria9e)
guest = gnest, 6uest, 9uest, 6nest, 9nest
groom = 6room, 9room, (groow, 6roow, 9roow)

irrigation = irrigatiou, irri6ation, irri6atiou, irri9ation, irri9atiou
triangular = triangnlar, trian6ular, trian6nlar, trian9ular, trian9nlar, triaugular, triaugnlar, triu6ular, triau6nlar, triau9ular, triau9nlar

rectangular = rectangnlar, rectan6ular, rectan6nlar, rectan9ular, rectan9nlar, rectaugular, rectaugnlar, rectau6ular, rectau6nlar, rectau9ular, rectau9nlar

polygon = bolygon, dolygon, qolygon, polygou, bolygou, dolygou, qolygou, poly6on, boly6on, doly6on, qoly6on, poly6ou, boly6ou, doly6ou, qoly6ou, poly9on, boly9on, doly9on, qoly9on, poly9ou, boly9ou, doly9ou, qoly9ou
octagon = octagou, octa6on, octa6ou, octa9on, octa9ou
hexagon = hexagou, hexa6on, hexa6ou, hexa9on, hexa9ou
geometry = 6eometry, 9eometry, (geowetry, 6eometry, 9eometry)

gravity = 6ravity, 9ravity
galaxy = 6alaxy, 9alaxy

pentagon = bentagon, dentagon, qentagon, penta6on, benta6on, denta6on, qenta6on, penta9on, benta9on, denta9on, qenta9on, peutagou, beutagou, deutagou, qeutagou, peuta6ou, beuta6ou, deuta6ou, qeuta6ou, peuta9ou, beuta9ou, deuta9ou, qeuta9ou, peutagon, beutagon, deutagon, qeutagon, peuta6on, beuta6on, deuta6on, qeuta6on, peuta9on, beuta9on, deuta9on, qeuta9ou, pntagou, bentagou, dentagou, qentagou, penta6ou, benta6ou, denta6ou, qenta6ou, penta9ou, benta9ou, denta9ou, qenta9ou

engaged = engageb, engagep, engageq, eugaged, eugageb, eugagep, eugageq, en6aged, en6ageb, en6agep, en6ageq, en6aged, eu6ageb, eu6agep, eu6ageq, en9aged, en9ageb, en9agep, en9ageq, en9aged, eu9ageb, eu9agep, eu9ageq, en6a6ed, en6a6eb, en6a6ep, en6a6eq, en6a6ed, eu6a6eb, eu6a6ep, eu6a6eq, en9a9ed, en9a9eb, en9a9ep, en9a9eq, en9a9ed, eu9a9eb, eu9a9ep, au9a9eq, en6a9ed, en6a9eb, en6a9ep, en6a9eq, en6a9ed, eu6a9eb, eu6a9ep, eu6a9eq, en9a6ed, en9a6eb, en9a6ep, en9a6eq, en9a6ed, eu9a6eb, eu9a6ep, eu9a6eq

wedding = webbing, wepping, weqqing, weddiug, webbiug, weppiug, weqqiug, webding, webdiug, webdin6, webdiu6, webdin9, webdiu9, webping, webpiug, webpin6, webpiu6, webpin9, webpiu9, webqing, webqiug, webqiu6, webqiu6, webqin9, webqiu9, wedbing, wedbiug, wedbiu6, wedbiu6, wedbin9, wedbiu9,  wedping, wedpiug, wedpiu6, wedpiu6, wedpin9, wedpiu9, wedqing, wedqiug, wedqiu6, wedqiu6, wedqin9, wedqiu9, wepbing, wepbiug, wepbiu6, wepbiu6, wepbin9, wepbiu9, wepding, wepdiug, wepdiu6, wepdiu6, wepdin9, wepdiu9, wepqing, wepqiug, wepqiu6, wepqiu6, wepqin9, wepqiu9

The Exact Dyslexia Variations Spelling Mistakes are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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