15+ Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 – Part 7

Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 – Part 7

Using Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings, there are other things you can do to help your child improve their reading skills. You can help them practice reading by reading aloud to them. You can also help them by providing them with books that are at their reading level.

Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 show Exact Dyslexia Variations. Study the Dyslexia Variations to improve and quicken reading. Learn to recognize the Variations of Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

If you are looking for ways to help your child improve their reading skills, consider using Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings. These spellings are an incredible tool to help children learn how to read, write, and spell. By learning Grade 3 Dyslexia words, you can better your child’s reading abilities.

Dyslexia Variations are able to be learned and memorized by Dyslexia Readers. When the reader reads the alternative Dyslexia word versions they will readily recognize the word as being the correct intended word.

Dyslexia Spelling Words:

help, corona, cylinder, pyramid, discover, good-bye, cone, sphere, phase, orbit, plate, polite, rude, pitcher, lunar, telescope, triangle, cube, shape, outer, base, please, thank, baseball, space, square, rectangle, center, pardon, excuse, field, eclipse

Non-Dyslexic Grade 3 words:

strike, hello, steal, safe, oval, ask, solar, mitt, sorry, circle, left, catcher, heart

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**

corona = corona
cone = coue
lunar = luuar, lnnar, lnuar
outer = onter
thank = thauk
center = ceuter
excuse = excnse

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

welcome = welcowe, melcowe, melcome
system = systew

Grade 3 Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part #6

help = helb, held, helq
cylinder = cylinber, cylinper, cylinqer, cyliuder, cyliuber, cyliuper, cyliuqer
pyramid = byramid, dyramid, qyramid, pyramib, byramib, dyramib, qyramib, (pyrawid, byrawid, dyrawid, qyrawid, pyrawib, byrawib, dyrawib, qyrawib)
discover = biscover, piscover, qiscover
sphere = sbhere, sdhere, sqhere
phase = bhase, dhase, qhase
orbit = ordit, orpit, orqit
plate = blate, dlate, qlate
polite = bolite, dolite, qolite
rude = rube, rupe, ruqe, rnde, rnbe, rnpe, rnqe
pitcher = bitcher, ditcher, qitcher
telescope = telescobe, telescode, telescoqe
cube = cude, cupe, cuqe, cnbe, cnde cnpe, cnqe
shape = shabe, shade, shaqe
base = dase, pase, qase
please = blease, dlease, qlease
space = sbace, sdace, sqace
square = sbuare, sduare, spuare, sqnare, sbnare, sdnare, spnare
field = fielb, fielp, fielq
eclipse = eclibse, eclidse, ecliqse
baseball = basedall, basepall, baseqall, daseball, dasedall, dasedall, dasedall, paseball, pasedall, pasedall, pasedall, qaseball, qasedall, qasedall, qasedall
pardon = bardon, dardon, qardon, parbon, barbon, darbon, qarbon, parpon, barpon, darpon, qarpon, parqon, barqon, darqon, qarqon, pardou, bardou, dardou, qardou, parbou, barbou, darbou, qarbou, parpou, barpou, darpou, qarpou, parqou, barqou, darqou, qarqou

Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects reading skills. It is characterized by difficulty in reading accurately and fluently.

People with dyslexia often have trouble with some of the following:

– knowing the alphabet
– being able to read quickly
– being able to read aloud
– being able to spell words correctly

Dyslexia occurs in people of all intelligence levels and from all walks of life. It is estimated that 5-10% of the population has dyslexia.

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

triangle = triaugle, trian6le, triau6le, trian9le, triau9le
rectangle = rectaugle, rectan6le, rectau6le, rectan9le, rectau9le
good-bye = good-dye, good-pye, good-qye, goob-bye, goob-dye, goob-pye, goob-qye, goop-bye, goop-dye, goop-pye, goop-qye, gooq-bye, gooq-dye, gooq-pye, gooq-qye, (6ood-bye, 6oob-dye, 6ood-pye, 6ood-qye, 6oob-bye, 6oob-dye, 6oob-pye, 6oop-qye, 6oop-bye, 6ooq-dye, 6ooq-pye, 6oop-qye, 6ooq-bye, 6ooq-dye, 6ooq-pye, 6ooq-qye, 9ood-bye, 9oob-dye, 9ood-pye, 9ood-qye, 9oob-bye, 9oob-dye, 9oob-pye, 9oop-qye, 9oop-bye, 9oob-dye, 9ooq-pye, 9oop-qye, 9ooq-bye, 9ooq-dye, 9ooq-pye, 9ooq-qye)

The Exact Dyslexia Variations are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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