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Every Reader can Improve – Studying Dyslexia Variations!

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There are both Dyslexia words and Non-Dyslexia words. Dyslexia Readers read Non-Dyslexia words faster.

Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters in them. Dyslexia Letters rotate to become other letters. Thus, the more Dyslexia Letters are in a word, the harder the word is to read.


Colors help reading. Switching different colors or using your favorite color can help you read longer! Actors use “Color Tints” for reading scripts!

There are fantastic printable Dyslexia worksheets.

Please BUY the book and work with the worksheets.
Improve your own reading even if you are not Dyslexic by studying Dyslexia Variations. Rotating Letters create Dyslexia Variations of Linear words.

Learn to read WITH your Dyslexia


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Dyslexia b , d , p + q

Dyslexia is the Rotation of Letters.
Everyone can learn Dyslexia Variations, which are the words that rotations create when Dyslexic Letters rotate!

Learn and study Exact Dyslexia Spelling Variations to improve reading.


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When the b goes upside down

When the b rotates upside down it becomes a p or a q.

Knowing that Dyslexia Letters rotate takes away the excuse of moving letters on the page, and empowers the Dyslexic Readers to achieve in reading.

Studying the Dyslexia Variations will enhance and expand the reading experience, reading with Dyslexia Rotations.


“Improve Dyslexia by studying Exact Dyslexia Variations.”

There are really only two option with Dyslexia. Accept that you have Dyslexia and read with Rotated Letters or Deny that you are Dyslexic and keep struggling with reading.

The more you are able to admit that you do sometimes (or often) read rotated or upside-down letters the faster you can empower your own actions in reading. There are some great options after admitting that you read with Dyslexia.

Exact Dyslexia Letters – Rotation MAP
The letter b, d, p, and q randomly exchange with each other!
The letters n turns to u, and u turns to n
The w/m Dyslexia Factor (w/m, m/w) – In Handwriting

Get to Know the Dyslexia Rotations
The Sneaky n/u is often the most difficult!

Improve the way you see the words – but realize that with Dyslexia you will still see rotated Dyslexia Letters.
Use ‘Color Tints’ and study the hardcore Dyslexia Variations of Linear words!

Let’s look at the word ‘people‘.
The Dyslexia Variable is the letter ‘p’
SO, the word ‘people’ has Dyslexia Variations:
‘deodle, ‘beoble’, ‘qeoqle’ are the most common,
Plus, ‘beodle’, ‘beople’, ‘beoqle’
‘deoble’, deople’, ‘deoqle’
‘qeoble’, ‘qeople’, ‘qeoqle’
For the word ‘people’;
There are 12 Dyslexia Variations + 1 original word!


The more Blake Dyslexia Variations Course shows the Exact Dyslexia for the Linear words for reading levels 1-6. When you learn the exact Dyslexia you gift yourself the ability to read! By studying the variations or Dyslexia Variables you empower your reading journey.

If you are able to admit that your own Dyslexia. You can Study Dyslexia Variations and start to learn your Dyslexia Habits. You may usually read the word ‘people’ most frequently as ‘beoble’. If so, then you can achieve the readin adjustment by knowing that when you read the word ‘beoble’ it means ‘people’ everytime. Thus you work things in this way to improve your own Dyslexia Reading!

Learn to read with your Dyslexia instead of fretting about having Dyslexia!

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The Dyslexia Color Font is groundbreaking!

Many different ages and multiple cultures struggle with English!

Take the approach of reading Shapes and Color over Letters
Reading will be easier.
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